Nous avons été ravis de collaborer avec Alma Visio Tours pour l'élaboration d'un voyage de 16 jours pour un groupe d'étudiants québécois à Venise et en Croatie. Nos 27 étudiants ont adoré la diversité des activités qui leur ont été proposées (tours de ville guidés, kayak, vélo, musée, randonnée dans les parcs nationaux, détente à la plage...) et ont bien sûr été enchantés par la beauté des paysages qu'offre le littoral croate. Alma Visio Tours a offert un excellent service sur place, s'adaptant à nos demandes de dernière minute et proposant toujours des solutions aux petits pépins survenant inévitablement dans un voyage de groupe. Ce fut un réel plaisir de faire affaire avec Ana et Ante et nous recommandons chaudement les services d'Alma Visio Tours à quiconque souhaite visiter la Croatie. Merci à Voyage Autrement de nous avoir mis en contact avec eux!

Your agency worked collaboratively with us to develop the perfect balance between an active adventure (walking, biking and kayaking) and a culture experience (museums, guided visits and tours).  The hotels you booked for us were very nice and well located and the guides hired by you were very personable and knowledgeable. You were also very available to help us during the two weeks we were in Europe. I appreciated your quick response to my text messages and your willingness to always make the situation better when needed. 

The Hotels

In Venice we really loved the Kosher House. They were very well located, the rooms were nice and comfortable and the food and service were excellent. The Henri House was not very appreciated by the teachers and students.  There was a lot of time wasting confusion at check in. The rooms were dated and the hotel manager was not very friendly. 

In Croatia we really appreciated most of the hotels. However being split up in Dubrovnik (remember 20 students were in one house and 7 of us in another) was not a really great plan for us as it made the group and time management more challenging. I can’t recommend doing this in the future but the students who stayed in the bigger house closer to downtown really liked the accommodations. The villa in Korcula was fantastic. The host were so welcoming and the food was delicious. The hotel Palace in Hvar was perfectly located and very nice. The Hotel San Antonio in Split had a beautiful view, a wonderful beach and a very nice breakfast but it was quite far from the downtown core. The Marko tourist Center was also very accommodating and well located. Villas Rubin was a bit of a disappointment as the cafeteria style restaurant was good but chaotic and the facility was rather old but I would still recommend it as it is well located and the students seemed to like the villas with their little backyards.

The Tour Guides and Tours

The guides you choose were almost all amazing.  In the future, In Dubrovnik, I would suggest only doing the tour of the Ramparts and not the tour of the city as the information was a bit redundant. I would suggest that the students do the Ramparts and then are free to roam the city afterwards or the next day.  The price for the Ramparts should be negotiated in advance and included in the price.

 The students loved Sasha, our bike tour guide and Mijo our kayak guide.  As you know, the bike tour was a bit too difficult for the students (too many hills) but they were very happy with their accomplishments in the end.  I recommend revising the route before taking another group of students.

The women who did our city tours were all excellent, except the one for Split. She wasn’t able to capture the student’s attention; she spoke too softly and too long.  I can’t recommend her.

The Food

Almost all of the meals that were included in our package were excellent.  There was a problem with the breakfast in Dubrovnik but they did better the second morning. The breakfast buffets were all appreciated by the students. The lunch we had on our bike tour really stood out as special as did our supper at Villa Castelo in Korcula.

The Transportation

All means of transportation worked very well. The bus drivers were helpful and pleasant.  The ferries were spacious and on time. 

Thank you again for a wonderful, memorable culture journey to your country.  I would highly recommend your company to North American student groups.

Sandra Cole



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+385 92 199 3957
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