Istrian 'breathless' adventure

Buggy Cross & Go Kart

For those who love strong excitement, adventure that leaves you breathless!

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Located 6 kilometers north of Porec, Istria Motodrom Club is primarily a dream come true place with sporting excitement for passionate drivers. You will discover a place in the grassy area of preserved nature in a one kilometer circular carting track, 10 meters wide on average; buggy cross track is equipped with spray jets of water and illuminated at night. Complete protection of both circuits is assured with strict Euro-standards, especially in cases of throwing and sliping or extreme jumps in cases of buggy driving, in terms of the Istrian red soil.


1. DAY

02:00 p.m.
Departure by bus from Zagreb with anticipated break on the resting place by the highway Zagreb-Rijeka.
05:30 p.m.
Arrival to the location of the Istrian small place called Livade, meal in restaurant Zigante.
Mini-break, includes tasting of scrambled eggs with tarttufes, and three sorts of wine degustation.
07:30 p.m.
Arrival to the tavern at Rino's, Momjan. Friendly dinner with istrian accordionists.
Menu :
  • aperitive- two types of Muscat wine with canapés
  • bread + cheese
  • homemade pasta with tartuffes
  • gnocchi with venison
  • grilled ramsteak
  • mixed side dish
  • cake
11:00 p.m.
Overnight stay in Hotel Laguna***, Novigrad.

2. DAY

09:00 a.m.
After breakfast, arrival to Istra Motodrome Club on karting & buggy cross track on location Bošarinka, on the road between Porec and Tara; coffee break, introducing with rules and behavior of participants on the track, draw of the groups.
10:00 a.m.
1. GROUP OF PARTICIPANTS: Go cart competition - rides: one person x 20 minutes of driving , of which 5 minutes for getting to know the track ,3x5 minutes of qualification with a computerized timing for the final order in the afternoon race.
* karts with one or two places have European approval - children's version 5-14 years of 5.5 hp; version for young adults has13 hp, very simple to use, high safety standards, primarily designed to preserve the safety of drivers, bearing in mind to provide them plenty of satisfaction as experiencing true sporting pleasure.
2. GROUP OF PARTICIPANTS: Buggy cross competition – on disposal 12 one seaters, 3 two seaters for children, safe-belt in 4 points of tightening, helmet, linen suits, circle watering, protective gloves; one group in 10 minutes drives 7-8 circles; 2-3 warming-up circles and 5 circles of race.
* buggies can reach speed of over 60 km / h on rough terrain, it should be noted that due to their limited speed, small size and relatively low noise achieved by driving actually make peaceful "urban players," very well received in public, protected with cabin resistant to all the hits, in buggies the drivers will give the best of themselves! Under the supervision of professional instructors, participants will very soon, with no doubt, feel the taste of this attractive competition, leaving themselves to "skimm" from curve to curve.

11:30 a.m.
Exchange of groups.
01:00 p.m.
Lunch grill on the terrace of the Karting Club *
* Note: all inclusive price; additional comsumption of beverages and coffee in restaurant and on the terrace of Motodrom while driving, issued upon approval of host of the event, will be extra charged afterwards ( per item) as per actual expenditure.
02:30 p.m.
Final race of karts on karting track, lasting for 10 minutes – the winner gets a cup final.
15:00 p.m.
Final race competition on Buggy cross track, lasting for 10 minutes – the winner gets a cup final.
04:00 p.m.
Sightseeing of cave Jame Baredine – 40 minutes visit accompanied with guide.
Temperature of cave is + 14°C.
* Jama Baredine is a geomorphologic monument of nature and since few years ago it is decorated for tourist visits. It is filled with stalactits and stalagmits very unusual shapes and colors,the one that stand out are ten meters long Courtains, Snowman torchbearer, the figure of the Virgin and the figure of the shepherdess Milka. Through 5 vertical decorated halls you arrive to the lake at a depth of 60 m where you can see endemic humanoid fish.
07:00 p.m.
Visit to famous winery Poletti, Markovac in Višnjan, with tasting 3 types of wine and croatian alcoholic beverage Grappa, canapes with cheese and smoked cottage roll , and traditional fried pastry from Istria called kroštule(with the possibility of buying bottled wine).
08:00 p.m.
Dinner in tavern Astarea, Brtonigla where will friendly owner and chef Anton Kernjus prepare you a meal in earthenware.
Menu :
  • Grilled Capesanti
  • Captain Čripnja
11:00 p.m.
Going to the hotel for overnight stay.

3. DAY

09:15 a.m.
After breakfast, tour of the Istrian town Grožnjan (with coffee break at the terrace of Restaurant Bastia).
As returning to Zagreb, staying in restaurant Bitoraj, Fužine, for lunch :
Menu :
  • Cold appetizer: domestic prosciutto, prosciutto from venison, cheese
  • Cream soup made of mushrooms
  • Main meal: venison steaks in a spicy sauce with gnocchi
  • Dessert: home made strudel with berries
Return to Rijeka and Zagreb


Price includes:

  • bus rent
  • meal in a restaurant Zigante Meadows
  • dinner in the tavern Rino, Momjan
  • 2 nights in *** Hotel Laguna, Novigrad
  • coffee break on the terrace of the Club Istra Motodrom
  • Go-Kart & Buggy cross competition
  • barbecue lunch on the terrace of Istra Motodrom Club (all inclusive)
  • cave Jame Baredine tour with professional guide
  • wine degustation in the winery Poletti
  • dinner in the tavern Astarea, Brtonigla
  • coffee break at a restaurant Bastia, Grožnjan
  • lunch at the restaurant Bitoraj, Fužine
  • group guide
  • travel health insurance
  • costs of travel arrangement

Price does not include:

  • Personal costs orders without the approval of the host of the event, optional ordering of soft drinks at the resting areas along the road as every other cost which is not explicitly mentioned or included in the travelling program.
Vlaška 66, Zagreb, Croatia
Contact person:
Ana Mamić
+385 92 199 3957
+385 92 317 7828

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