Along with the "beauty and the beast"

Canoe & Kayak Safari on canyon of river Zrmanja

Unique feeling paddling through the crystal clear waters on one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers



River Zrmanja wins hearts with its beauty at first sight. Its crystal clear waters meander through a two hundred meters deep canyon where the river has created numerous travertine waterfalls. Among them it stands 11 meters high waterfall called Veliki Buk. We like to call it the"beauty and the beast".

When it rises (most attractive is in may), it is suitable for one of the best rafting in this part of Europe, and when in summer months calms, becomes the beauty that carries us in kayaks and canoes easy through the Dalmatian karst landscapes which are breathtaking with its beauty.

The most interesting period is in late April and during May, when slopes of the gorge take appearance of gardens in bloom, and the flow of water is large enough to maintain the sports- recreative disciplines.

It is located in a protected nature park, in the world recognized by its picturesque landscape where once were filmed series of western films about famed chief Winnetou and other characters from the literary records of Karl May.

1. DAY

02:00 p.m.
Departure of event participants by bus from Zagreb.
- Travelling over highway towards Zadar - accommodation in hotel ****, Pinija Petrčane - short break for refreshment;
08:00-10:00 p.m.
Dinner in tavern Pinija within the Hotel Pinija, overnight stay.

2. DAY

08:00-08:45 a.m.
09:00 a.m.
Departure by bus to the event Canoe-Kayak Safari in the canyon of the River Zrmanja;
then follows the ride to the place called Kaštel Žegarski where the participants are changing clothes and receive instructions about behavior on the river and paddling technique.
10:00 a.m.
The adventure down the canyon begins!
First part of the River Zrmanja is quieter, here we get a sense how to paddle straight. On a half way we turn on the river Krupa, which is completely calm, and after 15 minutes of paddling we come to the beautiful waterfalls. Here we are stranding our boats and starting with 10 minutes trekking till a place where we can swim under waterfalls and have lunch listening to their sound ( lunch paket, which we'll get leaving from our hotel). After break we are returning in river where 11 meters long waterfall suprises us, which we now bypass by foot and at the same time we are throwing our boats down the falls.
Second part of traveling down the river rewards us with lots of rugged waterfalls. Rowing is not difficult or dangerous, the water is clear and warm in summer, ideal for beginners. The end is in the place Muškovci where we are changing to dry clothes and taking off to our Avanturist camp , here we arrive at 6 o'clock p.m.
07:00 p.m.
Dinner - barbeque:
  • lamb on a grill along with a campfire and a guitar
Going to hotel for overnight stay.

3. DAY

till 09:00 a.m.
Breakfast, leaving the hotel.
Returning by bus via Zagreb; coffee break on Plitvice Lakes with short detour of the lake, meal in the restaurant Lička kuća.


Participants of event we will accept with great pleasure, and put at their disposal all the necessary infrastructure in order to remain them comfortable and secure stay on the river:

  • Boats and equipment - we are using a stable sit-on-top kayaks for two adults and an extra seat for a child under 12 years. Each kayak has a waterproof container volume of 25 liters (for the camera, documents, dry clothes, food ...) and two paddles. There are also on disposal safety vests and helmets. The costs of safari - include kayak rental, guides, equipment and insurance.
  • Bring along - Old sneakers, sandals or neoprene slippers for water, swimsuit, dry clothes, sandwiches, water, suncream, strap for glasses.
  • Food and beverages - During a short break for lunch is anticipated lunch package, which the participants will receive at departure from the hotel, drinks are not included in the price and it is good that the participants bring their own; there are no shops and restaurants near there, but in Muškovci you can buy refreshment drinks.



Price includes:

  • bus rent
  • dinner at tavern Pinija, Petrčane
  • 2 nights in a hotel Pinija***, Petrčane
  • Kanue-Kayak Safari, Zrmanja
  • lunch paket, Hotel Pinija
  • dinner at Avanturist camp - barbeque
  • coffee break on Plitvice lakes
  • detour of Plitvice lakes
  • meal in Lička kuća
  • group guide
  • travel health insurance
  • costs of travel arrangement

Price does not include:

  • Personal costs orders without the approval of the host of the event, optional ordering of soft drinks at the resting areas along the road as every other cost which is not explicitly mentioned or included in the travelling program.
Vlaška 66, Zagreb, Croatia
Contact person:
Ana Mamić
+385 92 199 3957
+385 92 317 7828

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