We take you on a three day trip in:
G R E E N – B L U E   I S T R I A

Activities program

Day 1, Friday

Departure of participants by bus to Istria
Dinner at Tavern POD ČERIPNJOM, Sv. Petar u Šumi,
party with local accordionists
overnight stay in hotel HISTRIA*** Pula

Day 2, Saturday

Departure to RANCH BARBA TONE, Manjadvorci
Small riding school in manege
Group riding with guide animation through off road of istrian green landscape till hamlet called Bratulići.
Local Istrian lunch at the farm AGROTOURISM MARIO, Bratulići.
  • coctail by choice from several kinds of homemade alcohol beverage rakia
  • appetizers: prosciutto, cheese, cottage cheese, curd,
    dry sausages and zarebrenjak (ribs), asparagus and porcini salad
  • quail egg frittata with sausages and porcini mushrooms
  • Two kinds of meat: lamb and donkey made by traditional rural way of the Istrian Saucepan
  • Baked potatoes
  • local season salad
  • dessert – kroštule and cukarinčići - traditional local Istrian cookies
Returning back to ranch in Manjadvorci on horses
Departure on tour of Hacienda Scents - ARBORETUM HISTRIA AROMATICA*, Bale
* Unique project of sustainable development and healthy lifestyle in these regions of the world - at 100,000 square meters of cultivated and processed indigenous aromatic plants and herbs. Wonderfully landscaped design of hill Pižanovac maximally preserved the configuration of the terrain and flora. Special attractions of Hacienda scents are wonderful karst caves Smokvina from which for more than a 120 years  grow figs, and caves special by their richness of minerals and calcite.

The economy is equipped with walkways, tree-lined cypress trees, vineyards, orchards and olive trees, along roads and paths are laid stone gazebos for relaxation and watching the vegetable gardens and orchards and beautiful vistas of the sea and islands.

The aim of the project was to create gathering places and events, places to be networked and harmonize all human senses and cognition: aromas, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Meaning of the word aromatica is the smell and spices which are symbols of remembrance. They encourage the spirit of man to activity, acting subtle, mesmerizing, healing, invigorating. Aromatics is an invitation to return and respect the original order of creation of life, sequence that reduces the gap between nature and man, putting them on the same track, creating an important step toward human integralism.

Visit to the famous WINERY MATOŠEVIĆ, Krunčići; tasting of 3 sorts of wine + cheese canapes (with the possibility of buying bottled wine)
Dinner at a tavern KAŽUN, Pula; short break with a cocktail and then party dinner with a pleasant home playing accordion
Return to a hotel for overnight stay

Day 3, Sunday

Till 10:00
Buffet breakfast, coffee on Pula's boardwalk, leaving the rooms
Departure on tour of the LIMSKI KANAL* and ROMUALD'S CAVES**.
*Twenty minutes of driving north from Rovinj there is a flooded karstic canyon - Lim channel, also known as Limski bay or fjord. Part of it is the 35 km long Lim Valley (Draga), which reaches almost to the center of Pazin in Istria. The channel is slightly longer than 10 km, and from both sides are rising up steep hills, sometimes as high as 100 m.

**When at the turn of the millennium Romualdo of Ravenna came to our region, he was already famous by miracles, and clairvoyance. From 1001th to the 1002nd Romualdo, a former member of the Benedictine order, later founder of the order Camaldolesi built a monastery in Kloster above the Lim Channel.

After the completed work, he decided to devote himself to solitary life, so in the summer of 1002nd he went to a nearby Captain cave on the coast of the Lim Channel. Because of easy approach to this semi-cave Romualdo has as a fugitive from inquisitives seeked for a new home and found it on the northern slope of the hill with the church of sv. Martina: cave 105 meters long, entirely  flat and walkable.

People believed that in this cave live demons and dark forces, therefore, did not come even close. Romualdo was the first after a long time that entered the cave, and stayed the next two and a half years, while he was maintaining contact with the outside world over a shepherd from Jural. Historical sources say that St.Romualdo lived at the end of the main hall. Only after his departure, in 1005th year believers begun to enter into the cave.

On the return to Zagreb, stopping  by on source of the river Mirna in Kotli*, where is anticipated lunch at the rural household KOTLIĆ.
* One more “village from dreams" in Istria, on the edge of civilization.
It is located on the right side of "Glagolitic Alley," which climbs to the Hum. Rečina is a component of an unreachable source of the Mirna River, which flows here in intermittent flow, in Kotli makes smaller falls along which there is a mill.


The place is completely abandoned decades ago, (what left is just a local "taverns" Kotlić), completely is being restored, but by leftovers of rural household it once was, there are still traces of village life.

Legend says that every friday at the crossroads in the village beat "Štrige and Štriguni" (Witches), so occasionally it is not bad to go and see that.

Departure for Zagreb

Price includes:

  • bus rent
  • dinner at Tavern POD ČERIPNJOM, Sv. Petar u Šumi
  • 2 overnight stays in hotel HISTRIA*** Pula
  • riding at RANCH BARBA TONE, Manjadvorci
  • lunch at the farm AGROTOURISM MARIO, Bratulići
  • wine degustations in WINERY MATOŠEVIĆ; Krunčići
  • dinner at a tavern KAŽUN, Pula
  • lunch at the rural household KOTLIĆ

Price does not include:

  • Personal costs orders without the approval of the host of the event, optional ordering of soft drinks at the resting areas along the road as every other cost which is not explicitly mentioned or included in the travelling program.
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