The third age

Ways to health and vitality


With its pleasant micro-climate, Lošinj is one of our most attractive island for casual staying of elderly guests from all over the world. It has a rich tradition of health tourism, older than 130 years long. Its mild Mediterranean climate, pine forests and clean air make it an ideal place to refresh body and soul. Learn how to experience with us the pleasure of fragrant gardens and a "sea" air in harmony with nature.

Back in the early 1892nd year, the Austrian Ministry of Health declared the island Lošinj climate spa where the treasure island climate has a beneficial effect on the treatment of allergic diseases and respiratory diseases, and still today physicians specialized in treating these very diseases declare that. Staying in the area of ​a suitable climate, patient’s hardship is reducing and the disease is healing. Characteristics of the sea climate are distinct purity of air and aerosols from the sea. Sea air is a key element of the sea climate. Aerosol concentrations is greatest near the sea, beaches and hotel complexes of Lošinj.

Thanks to its mild climate, clean air and crystal clear turquoise sea, the island is, therefore, recommended by doctors as a natural sanatorium suitable for the treatment of asthma and lung diseases. The best period for taking aromatic-medicinal therapy are spring and autumn. The synergy of the sun and the sea provides a visible remission of psoriasis and various dermatitis.

Temperatures are moderate (above 30°C is a real rarity), humidity and air pressure stable, fog is recorded three days per year and has plenty of sun. Lošinj is one of the sunniest spots in Europe with an annual insolation of 2580 hours. It is also the greenest Adriatic island, covered with huge pine forests stretching down to the sea which, with the breeze, make a summer afternoons very pleasant.

Lošinj Island is indeed desirable to stay in all four seasons – also in summer, when, as the island is quite long (33 km long and only 0.27 to 4.75 kilometers wide), guest feels light and welcome breeze from the sea, or in winter when with its microclimate and the average temperature 1-2 ° C above zero, attracts with numerous walkways resembling those of the French Cote d'Azur, San Remo, Corfu or Palermo in Sicily.

On the exceptional purity of the sea points - the first in the Mediterranean - The Lošinj Dolphin Reservation - habitat of the population of 120 individuals called Good dolphin.

Bus transportation of high tourist class - a seven-day active program - accommodation in *** Hotel Punta, Veli Lošinj - favorable terms of touristic arrangements payment.