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Green - blue Istria

Petit Chanteurs
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Five birthday concerts on our Adriatic coast

July 2012
Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Joseph, France

Church school choir Little singers of St. Joseph from Provencal town of Carpentras was born in September 1997. and operates continuously until the present day. The choir publishes and prints music CDs, and it is a member of the International Federation Pueri Cantores, the worldwide movement of Church and an essential factor that through centuries determines the course of the musical form of Christian worship and celebration of God, and all around the world brings together about 150 choirs with more than 5000 singers. Choir does tours mainly in France, and this time,its fifteenth anniversary young singers decided to celebrate with summer concerts in five cities on the Croatian coast - Zadar, Sibenik, Pula, Porec and Rovinj.

Incentive tours

Scent of Međimurje
Travelling to a flower and wine garden of Croatia

On six-day exursion we introduce you to delights of thousands experiences that cradles of old crafts of Međimurje settlements hide, historic town walls of noble and religious monuments from ancient past, in which float trapped souls of ancestors commoners, nobles, knights and counts of Zrinski.

In this eden flower garden, made on centennial layers of sediments from two border rivers - wild waters Drava and Mura, near a gold miners and rafters, struggling from ancient past with the river, here are waiting for you kind and hardworking hosts with a smile on their face, folk song on the lips and warm sense of traditional food from bread oven, soaked in wine from cellars from all over the ancient sunny hills of wine roads.

Buggy Cross and Go Kart
Istrian 'breathless' adventure

Buggy Cross & Go Kart

For those who love strong excitement, adventure that leaves you breathless!

Located 6 kilometers north of Porec, Istria Motodrom Club is primarily a dream come true place with sporting excitement for passionate drivers. You will discover a place in the grassy area of preserved nature in a one kilometer circular carting track, 10 meters wide on average; buggy cross track is equipped with spray jets of water and illuminated at night. Complete protection of both circuits is assured with strict Euro-standards, especially in cases of throwing and sliping or extreme jumps in cases of buggy driving, in terms of the Istrian red soil.

Canoe & Kayak Safari - On canyon of river Zrmanja
Along with the "beauty and the beast"

Canoe & Kayak Safari - On canyon of river Zrmanja

Unique feeling paddling through the crystal clear waters on one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers.

River Zrmanja wins hearts with its beauty at first sight. Its crystal clear waters meander through a two hundred meters deep canyon where the river has created numerous travertine waterfalls. Among them it stands 11 meters high waterfall called Veliki Buk.
We like to call it the"beauty and the beast".

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